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dream big dreams

“Such an empowering book! The illustrations are cute and the rhyming is delightful! Look at all the things you can be!”

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My Friend Gru

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About Me

Joy Harris-Bird is an accomplished author, creative writer, and entrepreneur driven by a deep passion for storytelling. With a natural flair for weaving captivating narratives, she dedicates herself to crafting stories that inspire children to embrace their full potential.

With a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice from Southeast Missouri State University, Joy combines her creative talents with a commitment to social impact. As the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Token Magazine, she amplifies Black voices and fosters inclusivity.

Joy's dedication to literacy led her to establish Read To Lead, a non-profit organization where she serves as CEO. Through this initiative, she strives to enhance literacy levels within the community, leaving a lasting impact on young minds.

In addition to her literary achievements, Joy has ventured into the realm of animation. She is the creative mastermind behind "Kalifornia Dream," an animated series available on YouTube. Through this vibrant and engaging show, she utilizes music to enhance the joy of learning for children.

With an impressive portfolio that includes books such as "Zoey The Great," "Different Like Me," "My Friend Gru," "It's Ok To Be Different," and "Dream Big Dreams," Joy continues to ignite imaginations and instill a love for reading in young readers.

Joy Harris-Bird's talent for storytelling, her dedication to empowering communities through literacy, and her innovative approach to children's entertainment make her an influential figure in the world of literature and animation.

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Houston, Texas


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