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Writer | Creator | Producer

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It's Kali's World: Dream Big, Shine Bright

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dream big dreams

“Such an empowering book! The illustrations are cute and the rhyming is delightful! Look at all the things you can be!”

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My Friend Gru

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About Me

Joy Harris-Bird is an author, creative writer, and entrepreneur who has always dreamed big and believed in ​making an impact through storytelling.

With a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice from Southeast Missouri State University, she brings a unique ​perspective to her work, aiming to inspire and educate through her captivating narratives. Joy's impressive ​portfolio includes beloved children's books such as "My Friend Gru," "Marvelous Max's Magical Kicks," and ​"Dream Big Dreams," all designed to ignite young imaginations and foster a love for reading.

Expanding her storytelling journey, Joy ventured into animation with "Kalifornia Dream," a vibrant series ​available on YouTube and Amazon Prime. Through this show, she combines her passion for music and ​education to create engaging and fun learning experiences for children.

Dedicated to empowering communities through literacy, Joy Harris-Bird continues to craft content that ​resonates, educates, and entertains, making her a significant figure in children's literature and animation.

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Exploring Life & Business ​with Joy Harris-Bird of ​Read To Lead

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Meet Joy Harris-Bird, ​Author and Animator

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Children's author Joy Harris-​Bird launches new animated ​series "Kalifornia Dream"

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Houston, Texas


(832) 987-3123


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